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Promotional Video – Giving Time and Solutions Ltd Company Services Update

August 27, 2013 1 comment

This is my 1st video (please see website link 1 below) recorded and edited by Luke and Myroslava who are 2nd year Media Production students at Coventry University. I was happy with the results – the outcome – 1st CLASS! I am so glad I did my 1st video with Luke and Myroslava. I found both of them:-

  • Were very honest from the start. In our initial meeting, they were honest about their particular skills set and what they could and could not do
  • Knew when best to use verbal and written communication
  • Were very professional to work with
  • Were very reliable
  • Kept me informed on progress throughout the project  – the good and not so good news!
  • Were polite and friendly to work with
  • Delivered to very tight time-scales – quick turnaround!
  • At times called me first, which I found was very professional
  • Understood the importance of scheduling calls/meetings
  • Tried tasks which may not be their strength and knew how to work well in a team to deliver a high quality product! 10/10
  • Demonstrated their attention to detail
  • Have been consistent with me after project completion – again very professional!
  • Were very mature in their attitude
  • Always confirmed the meeting minutes (in writing)

Before the project started, I contacted a number of people. Firstly I visited the staff who work in Media Reception in February 2013. Following this I had separate meetings with the Senior Lecturers to discuss the video I wanted. I then sent a document outlining my project requirements and Luke responded.

I could tell from the initial meeting (would not quite call it an interview myself) I had with Luke and Myroslava that they were excited to work on this project. This is exactly what I was looking for – Passion!

On 27 and 28 March 2013, we recorded the video. I left it to Luke and Myroslava to give me their expertise on how I should present myself. When watching myself back, my usual style of presenting to an audience did not seem suitable for this video. I changed my style and listened to the instructions from Luke and Myroslava. There was a blank screen behind me, I had to stand still and there was a microphone above me. All the graphics was going to be added afterwards.

Once we recorded the video, it was then time for Luke and Myroslava to edit it. The project was completed in Coventry and London and we worked on site and remotely. As a Programmer many years ago, I always believed it was best to have clients involved in how they wanted the IT systems designed, prototypes was what always worked well. I gave my feedback verbally and then documented it in a structured document to Luke and Myroslava. It saved time and was a good document to keep referencing to check if the changes were done.

Despite the few ‘these things happen sometimes in the real world’ moments (please read Luke’s and Myroslava’s blog posts  – website links 2 and 3 below), the video was completed ahead of schedule. Contingency planning a must!

Once the project was completed we had a ‘let’s celebrate’ meeting to review the lessons learnt and discuss the areas that went particularly well.The written project requirements and mutually agreed terms and conditions documents proved to be useful during and after project completion. Again, both documents were good to refer to as a ‘To Do’ checklist with my ‘I like giving ticks on tasks done’.

On another note, I sometimes have to rely on experts and professionals to provide certain services to Giving Time and Solutions Ltd, be it a freelancer or people from a small/medium/large size organisation.

As with everything I do, I contact people directly myself. I feel more comfortable working with professional people who respond, reply and mutually agree in writing the verbal discussions we have and work that will be carried out.

For the last 3 years, I have been looking for someone to do a video (for another requirement I have) and take professional photos. As well as the promotional video, Luke and Myroslava have also taken professional photos for me! I will definitely consider working with Luke and Myroslava again.

For me, this was a SUCCESSFUL project and I thoroughly enjoyed working with Luke and Myroslava! A BIG THANK YOU to Coventry University, the Senior Lecturers who made time to meet me (200 students!), staff in the Media department, and of course Luke and Myroslava! My family, friends, previous work colleagues and relatives have directly given me good and constructive honest feedback comments, both of which will help with videos I do.

From one Director to another Director – please do read the detailed ‘Giving Time and Solutions Ltd Promotional Video – Behind the Scenes’ blog posts Luke and Myroslava have written – please see website links 2 and 3 below.


The Green IT workshops had been requested in the Green IT awareness talk feedback forms (March 2011).

A lot has happened in the last year (2013). I am happy with the progress made on other projects/work I have been focusing on, as well as looking into the options to outsource some of the tasks I have.

5 year milestone on 16 April 2014!

There are lots of people who have genuinely supported me and I am also fortunate to have connected with more honest and trustworthy professional people. Every person has made a difference.

The people who have and continue to inspire and influence me are real people.

To read the testimonials/recommendations, please visit the company website or my LinkedIn Professional Profile.




1. Giving Time and Solutions Ltd – Promotional Video
2. Luke’s Behind the scenes Blog Posts – Coventry University Media Production Student (Year 2)
3. Myroslava’s Behind the scenes Blog Posts – Coventry University Media Production Student (Year 2)
4. Giving Time and Solutions Ltd – Testimonials.

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NHS Sustainable Development Unit for England

June 2, 2012 Leave a comment

Based in Cambridge, the NHS Sustainable Development Unit (SDU) has been established since April 2008.  It was formed by the National Health Service (NHS) in England under the auspices of the Office of the Strategic Health Authorities (OSHA). It is now hosted by NHS Midlands and East and its Chief Executive, Sir Neil McKay.

The aim of SDU is to help the NHS fulfil its potential as a leading sustainable and low carbon health service.

1. Is a source of leadership, expertise and guidance concerning sustainable development to all NHS organisations in England.
2. Raises awareness of the actions and responsibilities that the NHS has regarding sustainable development and climate change.  This includes promoting a culture of measurement and management which leads to a process of carbon governance.
3. Helps to shape NHS policy, locally nationally and internationally.  This makes sustainable development and dealing with climate change both necessary and possible for every NHS organisation.
4. Ensures the very best practice and innovations on sustainability in the NHS and elsewhere are evaluated and costed and the mechanisms for implementation are made fully available to all NHS organisations.
5. Works in partnership with the NHS, government, industry and the third sector to achieve the above.

Several NHS organisations have submitted case studies listed under the different headings below, which show the initiatives in embracing in more sustainable practice.
Energy and carbon management
• Procurement and food
• Travel, transport and access
• Waste
• Buildings – Designing the built environment
• Organisational and workforce development and Behavioural Change
• Partnerships and networks
• Governance
• Technology and Models of Care

To find out more, please see website link 1 below

1. Sustainable Development Unit Website

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Waste statistics – recycle plastic and food waste

May 25, 2011 Leave a comment

Three volunteers from Coventry Friends of the Earth surveyed 100 people to ask for their thoughts on recycling and packaging.

I was told the feedback results from all 100 people showed 90% want to be able to recycle more types of plastic and 84% want kerbside collections of food waste.

Danny, of Coventry Friends of the Earth, said: “If the government helped councils to improve services and worked with businesses to make products longer lasting and easier to recycle, we could send much less rubbish to the incinerator. Recycling waste is not only more environmentally friendly, it’s also more cost-effective”.

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How Corporate Social Responsiblity (CSR) could help save money and the environment

March 4, 2011 2 comments

Corporate Social Responsibility is about an organisation’s commitment to sustainability.    

Corporate Social Responsibility explained- Giving Time and Solutions Ltd

What impact does your business have on the environment and society?

You just need to go on some company websites and you’ll read about Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), and there are many who are reporting well on their performances.

Commitment to CSR will improve an organisation’s Green Credentials, its relationship and how it is being perceived with its customers, employees, suppliers, community, etc.

Who are all the internal and external stakeholders?

How accountable are they also?

Who you associate yourself with is also going to have an impact, and again on your reputation.

  • Are employees being made aware of the organisations ‘green policies and practices on a regular basis?
  • Are you considering the whole life-cycle…raw materials, toxic substances, packaging, usage, etc?
  • How ethical are you?
  • How is your business contributing and working with the community?
  • Who makes the decisions on what you buy and how you minimise waste?

Running a business in a more environmentally friendly way needs to be done continuously. It will have a positive impact on the triple bottom line – People, Planet and Profit.

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The 2020 Zero Waste Initiative

January 7, 2011 1 comment

At the last Coventry Friends of the Earth meeting, which was held in November 2010, an update on the 2020 Zero Waste Initiative was given.

“The 2020 Zero Waste Initiative began in October 1999 at a public meeting organised by CRACIN (Coalition for Recycling and Against Coventry Incinerator) to discuss greener low carbon alternatives to the proposed giant waste incinerator. Coventry’s Director of City Development, John McGuigan, set the meeting the challenge of finding a long-term solution in waste which would be both economically and environmentally viable.

Over the last year, the ‘2020 Zero Waste Initiative’ has begun to take shape.  It has drawn people together from the main areas involved or interested in developing ‘waste’ as a resource.  Over a hundred people have attended meetings and have come from public bodies such as WRAP and DEFRA, local business and commerce, environment and recycling groups, Garden Organic, councillors and officers, community groups, professional bodies and from our two universities.

There have been three meetings over the last year. The first two were addressed by the leading speakers on Zero Waste, both international and national, Professor Paul Connett and Peter Jones OBE respectively.  The third meeting was organised by the ‘Building Research and Innovative Networks’ (BRAIN) Dept at Coventry University.

There could now be scope for Coventry to become an exemplar in Zero Waste at a National level.  The Government Waste Review has as its central aim; to put a ‘zero waste economy’ at the centre of sustainability, ‘for environmental protection’, economic renewal and addressing climate change as well as for wider social involvement, localism and the ‘big society’. Our submission to this Review has resulted in an invitation to discuss the project further with Defra.”

I will be providing further updates when there are more developments on the 2020 Zero Waste Initiative.

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How dependent are we on technology and how ‘Green’ can we realistically be?

September 2, 2010 1 comment

In Chapter 3 (Climate Change and the Low Carbon Society) of the Greening IT book, (please see website link 2 below) Irene N.Sobotta writes:-

On a global level IT is responsible for 2% of global greenhouse gas gases. However, the remaining 98% is seen as an opportunity for IT to help solve the problem. It can provide the technological fixes we need to reduce a large amount of greenhouse gas emissions from other sectors of society and obtain a rapid stabiliser of global greenhouse gas emissions”

Technology is used globally and its use is increasing. The key thing to remember is that Green IT is an enabler to other sectors.

Think about what you’re doing, and reuse and recycle as much as you can.

Key ‘R’ words to remember – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle……be Realistic


1. Giving Time and Solutions Ltd
2.  Greening IT book

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Adapting to Climate Change and considering the options for Remote/Home Working

August 25, 2010 Leave a comment

While people are looking for ways to mitigate climate change, we must also address looking at ways to adapt to climate change.

I have already listed the effects of climate change as stated by Met Check (please see website link 1 below).

Towards the end of 2009 and earlier this year, the UK had quite a lot of snow which affected businesses and schools.

I would say that from speaking to a few companies and people I know, productivity was affected quite a lot, as most could not travel to work. This was either because it was not safe to drive on the road, parents had to look after their kids at home or there was no suitable public transport available.

Green IT does look at remote working (home working) as an option to consider for employees. Perhaps more organisations and schools should look at planning for contingencies when people are unable to get into work or school.

Despite it being a few days, the impact to providing services to customers and school children can be large, and in turn affects the economy.

Some children have exams in January. I had a teacher say to me the children should enjoy the weather as it’s not often we get snow. I think it may be useful to have the option to provide lessons/teaching plans for a few hours on the school website.

The storage of information, once again whether it’s actually on site or up in the cloud (cloud computing) does also need to be looked at to cope with possible severe weather conditions.

Just today I spoke to someone about climate change and rising sea levels. This is something which appears to be affecting the south of the UK.

Should businesses and schools consider the option to provide remote/home working?

Reduced travel, reduced carbon emissions and possibly more productivity due to the longer hours worked.

It has been said that certain countries are more likely to suffer more extreme weather conditions though due to climate change.


1. Giving Time and Solutions Ltd – Climate Change Facts

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