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NHS Sustainable Development Unit for England

Based in Cambridge, the NHS Sustainable Development Unit (SDU) has been established since April 2008.  It was formed by the National Health Service (NHS) in England under the auspices of the Office of the Strategic Health Authorities (OSHA). It is now hosted by NHS Midlands and East and its Chief Executive, Sir Neil McKay.

The aim of SDU is to help the NHS fulfil its potential as a leading sustainable and low carbon health service.

1. Is a source of leadership, expertise and guidance concerning sustainable development to all NHS organisations in England.
2. Raises awareness of the actions and responsibilities that the NHS has regarding sustainable development and climate change.  This includes promoting a culture of measurement and management which leads to a process of carbon governance.
3. Helps to shape NHS policy, locally nationally and internationally.  This makes sustainable development and dealing with climate change both necessary and possible for every NHS organisation.
4. Ensures the very best practice and innovations on sustainability in the NHS and elsewhere are evaluated and costed and the mechanisms for implementation are made fully available to all NHS organisations.
5. Works in partnership with the NHS, government, industry and the third sector to achieve the above.

Several NHS organisations have submitted case studies listed under the different headings below, which show the initiatives in embracing in more sustainable practice.
Energy and carbon management
• Procurement and food
• Travel, transport and access
• Waste
• Buildings – Designing the built environment
• Organisational and workforce development and Behavioural Change
• Partnerships and networks
• Governance
• Technology and Models of Care

To find out more, please see website link 1 below

1. http://www.sdu.nhs.uk Sustainable Development Unit Website

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