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Fujitsu’s own Green Label

I find looking at eco-labelling is similar to food labelling. I often have to do more detailed research into the actual ingredients and nutritional information.

Not everyone can agree what a vegetarian can or cannot eat though, which makes my interviewing/question process so much more interesting! Not to mention the really long words on the labelling for both IT eco-labels and food labels!

I’ve spent the last few months looking at more eco-friendly IT products, mainly for my Green IT talks/training and for a customer requirement. The joy of speaking to some resellers and account managers has been rather eventful.

I like to directly contact the company myself. There are other eco-friendly technology products as well as those on the UK EPEAT list.

I’ve looked into this further with EPEAT and received some information to do with paying and registering on a country by country basis.  I also spoke to a contact who actually works in the sustainability team at Fujitsu in the UK, as none of their products appear on the UK EPEAT list.

Fujitsu have their own Green Label which includes EPEAT, Blue Angel, Nordic and Energy Star, and they look at the whole lifecycle.

The Blue Angel is a German certification and is the oldest eco label in the world. Fujitsu Siemans was the first global manufacturer to introduce a Blue Angel certified Green PC to market in 1993.

The Nordic label was established in 1989 and is another environmentally labelling scheme used internationally.

So, as well as EPEAT (UK), it’s also worth looking at Fujitsu’s Green Labelled products for other environmentally friendly technology products.

Author: Tripta
Company: Giving Time and Solutions Ltd
Company website: https://www.givingtimeandsolutions.com
Professional profile: https://bit.ly/ZqZrDu 
Date created: 11 December 2011 12.30pm

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