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Reducing IT Waste in the Education Sector and Managing Behavioral Changes

Save Energy ->  Save Money  -> Reduce Carbon Footprint

In a previous blog post, I wrote about IT power management (please see website link 1 below).  I wanted to show how IT energy management software (from different suppliers) has actually proven to deliver several financial and environmental benefits across a number of business sectors.


Focusing on the education sector in this blog post, this sector includes schools, colleges and universities.  The lecturers, teachers, students, other employee departments (such as catering, facilities, HR, librarians, payroll, reception staff, etc.) all tend to use IT equipment on-site and also, log into systems when off-site as well.

In November 2009, another IT energy management supplier who I personally met gave me a demonstration of their product in detail.  Their IT energy management product is a purely workstation-based solution. This means there are no extra costs to purchase a new server, and that itself will save money!

A number of schools, colleges and universities have proven to save considerable money through IT energy management.

Although IT energy management software will significantly eliminate IT waste, I always say that changes in behaviour also need to be addressed.  When a person wants to live a healthy lifestyle, I really believe the two areas which should be looked at are nutrition/diet and exercise.  There’s no point in doing exercise if the food you’re eating is not healthy. There’s no point in eating healthy food, if you do not combine it with exercise. Gradual steps are taken which soon increase and become habit!

I can go on and on about nutrition and exercise, how needs are different, how people are different, how certain food groups suits the individual, etc.!

Once a PC has automatically been switched off, or lights as well for that matter,   there is nothing to stop someone from switching it back on again.  This is an observation which I’ve seen myself several times! Habits need to be changed as well and people need to, again as I always say, understand the WHY?.

The detailed Giving Time and Solutions Ltd (please see website link 2 below) Green IT Model on People-Process-Technology which I’ve used in the presentations I’ve given since June 2009, explains this quite well.

MANAGING BEHAVIOURAL CHANGES need to be addressed, again another topic that I cover.  Results will be seen eventually.…. POSITIVE RESULTS!


1. https://bit.ly/2DzhMTJ Previous Blog Post on IT Power Management – written 13 November 2010
2. https://www.givingtimeandsolutions.com/ Giving Time and Solutions – Green IT

Author: Tripta
Company: Giving Time and Solutions Ltd
Company website: https://www.givingtimeandsolutions.com
Professional profile: https://bit.ly/ZqZrDu
Date created: 11 September 2011 1.15pm

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