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Green ICT Standards

In December 2009, I was informed by one of my contacts at the British Standards Institution (BSI), of a number of Green ICT Standards/Publications. During this time, there were developments being made in new work around Data Centre Design. Since then, there has been some progress made.

The information below was sent in the Giving Time and Solutions December 2010 Newsletter.

“ISO/IEC JTC1 is the Joint Technical Committee 1 of the International Organisation for Standardization (ISO) and the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC).  It deals with all matters of ICT and its official mandate is to develop, maintain, promote and facilitate ICT standards required by the Global Markets meeting business and user requirements.

ISO/IEC’s JTC1 set up a special group on Green ICT (SGGICT) in Oct 2009. SGGICT, like all the ISO/IEC special groups, intentionally began this journey by surveying the current activities of ‘standards developing organisations’ (SDOs), which include the British Standards Institution (BSI) and its national equivalents in other countries – plus other organisations and consortia.  The SGGICT wished to ensure it was reaching out to other parties active in this space to avoid duplication.

In fast-emerging topics like Green ICT, ISO/IEC welcomes best practice initiatives from other sources and the formal standards-making process is a transparent one.  Work continues across a range of topics which are all aimed at addressing ICT’s operational energy efficiency.

There are four factors that underpin the concept of Green ICT:
1. reducing the use of hazardous materials
2. recycling and reusing ICT products
3. maximizing energy efficiency
4. utilizing ICT products and technologies into other sectors for environmental improvement

SGGICT has decided, in turn, to further adopt the two definitions of ‘Green ICT’, namely ‘Green of ICT’ and ‘Green by ICT’. ‘Green of ICT’ means environmental improvement of ICT products and technologies (which covers the first 3 listed factors), whereas the last  listed factor is handled by the other subsidiary terminology of ‘Green by ICT’ which means environmental improvement of other sectors by using ICT products and technologies.

At the last meeting of SGGICT, held in November 2010 in Belfast, the Group identified some ‘use cases’ – examples being ‘smart grid’, ‘telemedicine’ and ‘virtual meetings’. Future topics identified for possible standardization include the areas of ‘home network devices’ and ‘life cycle assessment methodology”.

Giving Time and Solutions Ltd are an authorised affiliate of BSI (not owned or operated by BSI).   For more information, please see website link 1 below.


1. https://www.givingtimeandsolutions.com Giving Time and Solutions Ltd.

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Date created: 4 February 2011 12pm

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