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The pathway to a low carbon sustainable economy

I attended a workshop today which was run by National Industrial Symbiosis Programme. (NISP)

The main topic covered was how waste can be reused or recycled, not just from IT equipment – food, sand, bricks, and also making use of free storage places in some properties which are vacant.

There were a mix of people who attended from different business sectors.

We were given an exercise and we all managed to help each other out.

Some people wanted to know where they could dispose different types of waste items, and others actually wanted particular waste items.

Between us we all left with some information to help each other recycle old waste. We were split into groups and NISP facilitated discussions amongst us, which basically identified opportunities to create value to any wasted resource.

Overall, I enjoyed the morning workshop. It was good to see that NISP helps bring together different businesses and stop items going to landfill.

Author: Tripta
Company: Giving Time and Solutions Ltd
Company website: https://www.givingtimeandsolutions.com
Professional profile: http://bit.ly/ZqZrDu
Date created: 8 September 2010 6.00pm

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