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How dependent are we on technology and how ‘Green’ can we realistically be?

From the whitepaper ‘Embodied Carbon – the truth about IT’s carbon fooprint’ (please see website link 1 below).

Can you remember life without computers? Not many people can. They are everywhere and we have become dependent upon them. They run our finances, our cars and, in hospitals, computer systems are even running some of our bodily functions. We use them daily in our work and leisure, from e-mails and word processing to games and social networking. They are everywhere and our dependency on them has been increasing steadily for over the last decade”.

In Chapter 3 (Climate Change and the Low Carbon Society) of the Greening ITbook, (please see website link 2 below) Irene N.Sobotta writes:-

On a global level IT is responsible for 2% of global greenhouse gas gases. However, the remaining 98% is seen as an opportunity for IT to help solve the problem. It can provide the technological fixes we need to reduce a large amount of greenhouse gas emissions from other sectors of society and obtain a rapid stabiliser of global greenhouse gas emissions”.

Technology is used globally and its use is increasing. The key thing to remember is that Green IT is an enabler to other sectors.

Think about what you’re doing, and reuse and recycle as much as you can.

Key ‘R’ words to remember – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle……be Realistic


1. http://givingtimeandsolutions.com Giving Time and Solutions Ltd – Embodied Carbon whitepaper
2. http://greening.it/ Information on the Greening IT book

Author: Tripta Prashar
Company: Giving Time and Solutions Ltd
Company website: http://givingtimeandsolutions.com
Professional profile: http://linkedin.com/in/triptaprashar
Date created: 2 September 2010 10.00am

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