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Adapting to Climate Change and considering the options for Remote/Home Working

While people are looking for ways to mitigate climate change, we must also address looking at ways to adapt to climate change.

I have already listed the effects of climate change as stated by Met Check (please see website link 1 below).

Towards the end of 2009 and earlier this year, the UK had quite a lot of snow which affected businesses and schools.

I would say that from speaking to a few companies and people I know, productivity was affected quite a lot, as most could not travel to work. This was either because it was not safe to drive on the road, parents had to look after their kids at home or there was no suitable public transport available.

Green IT does look at remote working (home working) as an option to consider for employees. Perhaps more organisations and schools should look at planning for contingencies when people are unable to get into work or school.

Despite it being a few days, the impact to providing services to customers and school children can be large, and in turn affects the economy.

Some children have exams in January. I had a teacher say to me the children should enjoy the weather as it’s not often we get snow. I think it may be useful to have the option to provide lessons/teaching plans for a few hours on the school website.

The storage of information, once again whether it’s actually on site or up in the cloud (cloud computing) does also need to be looked at to cope with possible severe weather conditions.

Just today I spoke to someone about climate change and rising sea levels. This is something which appears to be affecting the south of the UK.

Should businesses and schools consider the option to provide remote/home working?

Reduced travel, reduced carbon emissions and possibly more productivity due to the longer hours worked.

It has been said that certain countries are more likely to suffer more extreme weather conditions though due to climate change.


1. https://bit.ly/2pdeDpr Giving Time and Solutions Ltd – Climate Change Facts

Author: Tripta
Company: Giving Time and Solutions Ltd
Company website: https://www.givingtimeandsolutions.com
Professional profile: http://bit.ly/ZqZrDu
Date created: 25 August 2010 6.30pm

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