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Knowing what items can be recycled….reducing waste

Other than the three chasing arrows (Mobius strip) which is a universal recycling symbol, there is another symbol which symbolises the item can be recycled. For electrical equipment, there is a WEEE symbol shown with a big cross placed on a bin.

I am still finding that some people just place unwanted items in their bins (not necessarily the right one too!), but are not aware of the WEEE regulations or the fact that certain items contain hazardous/toxic substances.

The option to recycle can be carried out by either sending it back to the manufacturer (also check your warranty) or there are a number of shops/suppliers who specialise in recycling.

Having spoken to both local and UK national based printer suppliers, they have policies in place to ensure equipment is disposed or recycled legally.

Printer ink cartridges can be recycled/refilled and some suppliers even offer incentives to organisations to encourage people to reduce their waste and recycle more.

The article Doing the right thing with your unwanted IT equipment’ (please see website link 1 below) already covers ways to dispose of your unwanted IT equipment.

There are companies in the UK who ensure data is wiped out securely. It may be worth checking what policy is in place where you bought the actual equipment from and request a data erasure/removal report.

There are several software products to erase data used by certain companies which meet the HMG Infosec Standard 5, which have been tested and passed by CESG who are the Government’s IT Security Group.

A product I know about is used by a recycling charitable organisation (for those who want to donate their old equipment to charities) and also a well known retailer in the UK who sell lots of technical equipment!

Reduce waste – avoid sending items to landfill – recycle more. You will also save costs as well as reduce carbon footprint.


1. https://www.givingtimeandsolutions.com Giving Time and Solutions – Doing the right thing with your unwanted IT equipment article.

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