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The future generations and teaching them about Green IT…

I asked my young nieces to draw a picture which they would enjoy doing and signify the message about reducing IT’s impact on the environment. They found this a FUN task to do, and it certainly raised the awareness about Green IT!

It is very easy to forget to turn off the light switch or computer, but having a big poster around places which is in vision is quite a good way to remember. Children learn from adults and I believe they also can teach them too!

The impact of IT equipment on the environment still appears to be unknown to children. The awareness of Green IT does need to grow, as it’s their future!

There are Eco-Schools (please see website link 1 below)…..

There are currently 14018 schools in England which are registered Eco-Schools.

The main aim is for every school to be a sustainable school by 2020. Every school registered in Eco-Schools learns about environmental issues. There are also 46 countries around the world also in this programme.

This kind of approach would work well for companies – auditing/continously monitoring their own environmental impact and being awarded some kind of incentive. It’s easy to tell people what they’re not doing right, but a much better approach would be to praise and reward people for doing things right.

On 24 June 2010, it’s Schools Low Carbon Day (please see website link 2 below) in the UK.

Eco-Schools and Low Carbon Day are great ways to raise awareness to children about environmental issues.

Let’s leave something great for the future generations.

Author: Tripta
Company: Giving Time and Solutions Ltd
Company website: https://www.givingtimeandsolutions.com
Professional profile: http://bit.ly/ZqZrDu
Date created: 9 May 2010 8.00pm

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